• SURVANTA is intended for intratracheal use only.
  • SURVANTA can rapidly affect oxygenation and lung compliance. Therefore, its use should be restricted to a highly supervised clinical setting with immediate availability of clinicians experienced with intubation, ventilator management, and general care of premature infants. Infants receiving SURVANTA should be frequently monitored with arterial or transcutaneous measurement of systemic oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • During the dosing procedure, transient episodes of bradycardia and decreased oxygen saturation have been reported. If these occur, stop the dosing procedure and initiate appropriate measures to alleviate the condition. After stabilization, resume the dosing procedure.
  • In controlled clinical trials, an increased probability of post-treatment nosocomial sepsis was observed in SURVANTA-treated infants, which was not associated with increased mortality among these infants.

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